About Pixie


Hello, I am currently on a seven-month  solo journey across Asia. I’ve always had a deep passionate need for travel and adventure. My inability to sit still is legendary, and I’ve moved more times than I can count. Travel makes me feel alive, and I joke it is my one true love. Some of my other favorite things include the smell of old books, writing, reading,  the smell of summer rain on hot pavement, the sound of the ocean, funny signs, food, and making myself and others laugh.

On my current journey through Asia, I am looking for all the unusual, beautiful, funny, and delicious things the continent has to offer. I love everything about travel: meeting friendly locals, wandering lost in a new city, eating street food, attempting new languages, sleeper buses, train rides, and unexpected storms. This list of things I love about traveling could go on forever. My bucket list for travel destinations is also seemingly endless. Just as I’ve crossed one place off, I hear about three new places I want to go.

Thank you for stopping my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to “like” and comment!


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