A Cruise in Halong Bay


A cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and another destination checked off my travel bucket list.


A designated World Heritage sight since 1994, Halong Bay offers breathtaking natural beauty. The limestone karsts jutting out of the Gulf of Tonkin provide an iconic image for Northern Vietnam.



Many people visiting Halong Bay from Hanoi opt for the two day tour to sleep overnight on a boat in the bay. I stayed on a modern version of the junk ship which felt more like a large houseboat, but was surprisingly comfortable. They even had hot water in the shower!



If you opt for the overnight trip you will likely be herded through one of several caves that are lit up like discos. I visited Dau Go cave and it was both beautiful and strange with all the Technicolor lights.


I also got a chance to see the rock formation that is pictured on the 200,000 dong bill. (above photo)

Halong Bay is a beautiful natural wonder of the world and should not be missed on a  trip to Vietnam.


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