Flying High


I am terrified of heights. When I was in Singapore I decided to be brave, put my big girl pants on, and take a ride on the cable car to Sentosa Island. Unfortunately, I ended up on Mt. Faber.

The first time I got onto the cable car I was so concentrated on not chickening out that I forgot there were two destinations from the Harbourfront, Mt. Faber and Sentosa Island. So I ended up taking three trips on the cable car that day. On my first ride to Mt.Faber I was shaking, hyper-ventilating, and sweating hard. A full on panic attack. I held onto the rail inside the car until my knuckles turned white. The second trip from Mt. Faber to Sentosa was easier. I kept thinking, “Well, I didn’t die the first time.”. And my third trip back to the Harbourfront was actually enjoyable. As the sunset into the sea, I took a couple deep breaths and I really allowed myself to appreciate the beautiful panoramic view.

My cable car trip started out pretty rough but ended up being a great experience I will always remember. I showed my acrophobia I’m the boss and got some beautiful photos of Singapore.







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