Lost Resort: Ruined Beauty of Koh Samui


On the southwestern coast of the tourist mecca of Koh Samui there is a beautiful, formerly enticing resort that has fallen off the radar and into disrepair. I walked down the long, winding driveway towards the beach followed by several barking dogs who disapproved of my journey down the hill.


At the bottom of the driveway I found the old reception hall dark with a wind torn plastic sheet on the front of the building. Inside was a shirtless man lounging in a broken deck chair. I honestly was not expecting anyone down here so I smiled politely and asked if I could cut through his building to get to the beach.  He sized me up for a brief moment then lazily nodded me through.


On my way out the other side of the once glorious reception hall, I turned around to thank him and noticed his security shirt hanging off the pillar. I wondered if he was security here at the abandoned resort or if he was squatting at the resort and works security else where.


I passed the murky, green, frog-filled pool and I walked towards the secluded, rocky beach. Among abandoned mattresses, a hot tub hanging from the eroded hillside, bungalows with caved in roofs, and overgrown bougainvillea is a lost resort of wild beauty that contrasts starkly with the polished up tourist haunts on Lamai and Chaweng Beaches.


I wandered through the grounds undisturbed by nothing larger than a mosquito. Some paths and stairways were too overgrown to pass through. Many buildings were too dilapidated to enter and others were locked, but the outside view was still well worth the walk.


Sometimes you find the most surprising things off the beaten path.



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